Introducing the Solo

Step into the future of driving.

Every day, 119 million North Americans commute using personal vehicles and 105 million of them commute alone.

Turn your commute into the highlight of your day, reduce your fuel cost to zero, and eliminate your environmental impact.

100 Mile Range

85 MPH

2 Year Warranty

HOV Lane


Test Drive

Schedule your SOLO test drive and hop in the future of urban mobility.


Forth Mobility

On December 11, we kicked off our Portland operation in partnership with Forth Mobility and the Meriwether Group.

The local community, electric vehicles enthusiasts, and reservation holders had the opportunity to see the Solo for the first time.

Portland International Auto Show

Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing us at the Portland International Auto Show in January.  The event was a huge success, thanks to you.

We will be attending many more events this year so please connect with us on social media for more chances to catch up with the amazing Solo.


Incentive programs are available to make clean energy vehicles more affordable for consumers.

The Solo is eligible for the following Incentive Programs and dollar amounts, by state.*

Oregon Statewide
$2500 rebate   (limited funds)
$900 rebate   (limited funds)
$1000 rebate   (limited funds)

* Federal, State, and County Incentive Programs are subject to changes. Please refer to the program websites for the latest information.


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